Christina Courtright
Certified Spanish-English Translator and Interpreter

Manuals and reference works I find useful

Here are some of the works that I find particularly useful to sharpen my skills:


Fundamentals of Court Interpretation: Theory, Policy and Practice, by Roseann Dueñas González, Victoria F. Vásquez, and Holly Mikkelson. Carolina Academic Press, 1991, ISBN 0890894140 – but see the new edition published in 2012!

Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting - A Short Course, by Andrew Gillies. St. Jerome Publishing, 2005, ISBN 1-900650-82-7.

The Language of Justice: Interpreting for Legal Services - A Training Manual, by Isabel Framer, Marjory Bancroft, Lois Feuerle and Jean Bruggeman. Cross-Cultural Communications, 2009.

The Community Interpreter: Professional Interpreter Training for Bilingual Staff and Community Interpreters, 4th ed., by Marjory Bancroft and Lourdes Rubio-Fitzpatrick. Cross-Cultural Communications, 2009.


Legal Translation Explained, by Enrique Alcaraz and Brian Hughes. St. Jerome Publishing, 2002, ISBN 1-900650-46-0.

Translating Official Documents, by Roberto Mayoral Asensio. St. Jerome Publishing, 2003, ISBN 1-900650-65-7.

Traducciones de Contratos Inglés-Español / Español-Inglés, Tomo II, by Liliana Bernardita Mariotto. Buenos Aires: Self-published, 2008, ISBN 9789870540632.

Revising and Editing for Translators, 2nd ed., by Brian Mossop. St. Jerome Publishing, 2007, ISBN 1-900650-96-7.

Fundamentals for English & Spanish Translation, 8th ed., by M. Eta Trabing. Berkana Language Center, 2008, ISBN 978-0-88431-504-9.

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